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Building an audience is important for many reasons; it gives your business a community to identify with, it allows you to build and form forever expanding relationships, and provides businesses with a platform to engage their most involved customers.

You see the benefits of this engagement in action across various platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everything else in between. However, there is one space in this area that has yet to be taken advantage of to the same extent as all the other above mentioned examples and that platform is, to a big surprise, Google.

If you are a business owner with a Google my Business listing (Click here) this avenue for growing your audience and influence may be one that is worth considering expanding and allocating resources towards. For most business owners this feature may be news to them for the simple fact that it is very easy to overlook all the improvements and changes that have taken place over the course of time on Googles platform. Improvements and changes however, that could dramatically improve user engagement, click conversions, in addition to an increase owners bottomline and should not be left unaware of.

Growing your audience on the worlds largest search engine obviously has its advantages compared to those who do not take advantage of such opportunities and being able to grow your following on Google may be easer than you think! While there are some quarks to this feature it is still a feature worth investing in.

Understanding the Quarks & Features

  • To begin you must start by downloading the Google My Business app which will provide you access to all your following information.

  • The following feature is only visible to your customers through the mobile version when in the "Updates" tab menu.

  • When customers find your business on Google Maps, they can choose to follow it. Once someone follows your business, they'll get updates about your business in the "For you" tab in Maps.

With nearly 60% of all searches now coming from mobile devices, Googles mobile only following feature shouldn't be a discouragement to anyone wanting to expand their audience on this incredibly large platform. In fact, there is plenty fruit too bear for the ones who are able to successfully adapt this new feature into their marketing mix early on. The food & beverage sector alone saw a mobile search rate of about 72% in 2016 with that compared to a desktop or laptop search which goes to show that capturing even your mobile audience alone is a huge crowed worth capturing as well as an ever expending one at that!

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